About Us

GREAT Kids Snacks
It is our mission to make healthy snacking convenient and fun for families while introducing them to new products they might not have had the opportunity to try before.

Kyle Atkinson - Founder 

My journey of being a collegiate athlete, personal trainer, and high school basketball coach has led me to start GREAT Kids Snacks. I believe it is important to teach kids about the benefits of healthy eating so it can be a lifestyle they want to live as they grow up. Part of teaching them about healthy eating is being able to provide them with easy and convenient access to organic and all-natural products. Since studies show that kids consume almost 30% of their daily calories through snacks, what better way to teach them than to provide them with healthy snack options? 

How GREAT Kids Snacks began, a message from Kyle

GREAT Kids Snacks all started when I was at the San Diego Zoo chaperoning a kindergarten field trip. I expected to see some amazing animals and kids running around behaving like wild animals, but when it came to feeding time I was shocked. It almost seemed like the animals in captivity were eating better than the kids. The school provided "lunch" for some kids, which consisted of a juice, canned chicken salad (it made me gag), graham crackers, and applesauce of some sort. Every single kid only ate the graham crackers and drank the juice. As for the kids who were lucky enough for mom or dad to pack their lunch, it was not much better. I saw a lot of "lunchables", peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, sodas, sugary juices, and candy bars. I thought I was going to be amazed by the animals; instead I was amazed by what these kids were provided to eat. It wasn't the kids who determined what their lunch was going to be, but some adult who made a conscious decision to feed these kids that way. 

This got me thinking, are these parents clueless when it comes to what is healthy, do they not buy healthy foods, did they throw what ever was closest to them in a bag, did they not have time to make something healthier? These questions in my head brought me to the conclusion that there needs to be a convenient way for parents to provide their children with healthy foods. Starting with snacks, I have set out to make parents lives easier by sending a box to their door of 30 individually wrapped snacks made of organic and all-natural ingredients. I believe the convenience factors of not having to determine if something is healthy or not, and not having to venture down countless isles at the grocery store will help parents provide their kids with the foods that growing children should be and deserve to be eating. 

I wanted to take the stress out of wondering if a snack is actually healthy? What if my child doesn't like this? Do I have enough time to stop at the store? You can be assured all 30 of the snacks, are healthy and will arrive at your doorstep by the 1st of every month. We all know kids are picky eaters and as a parent it can be a struggle to find out what they like or don't like. The variety in the GREAT Kids Snack Box allows a kid to sample 30 different snacks every month with the option to order his or her favorites in bulk. It would be extremely costly and time consuming to shop and pick out 30 different snacks, which most of the time come in boxes of 4-7 packages. Parents are the ones who make the decisions of what to buy and have available for their kid to eat. Sure kids are picky eaters but if they are hungry they are going to eat what is available to them. Therefore parents should provide them with real healthy food and not some artificial thing chemically designed to imitate food. Luckily our snacks get kid tested for taste and nutritionist approved for ingredients to make parents lives easier when it comes to snack time.