Take The Guess Work Out of Healthy Snacks - Let GREAT Kids Snacks Do It For You!

Pretzels, cookies, fruit snacks, applesauce packets. These are the typical cycling snacks that accompany E’s lunch Monday-Friday.  In order to get a variety of snacks, we need to buy about ten boxes of food, and we can’t always find things on sale or in bulk. Then we found the GREAT Kids Snack Box.

Great Kids Snacks takes the guess work out of finding snacks for lunches or trips.  The monthly subscription box has an option of receiving 20 or 30 different organic and all natural snacks that make it easy and convenient to prepare your child’s lunch.

GREAT Kids Snack Box - Healthy snacks for kids  
I was a little hesitant to try because most of the snacks I’ve had that are all organic, or gluten-free, tend to taste like cardboard or are super expensive.  However, when we received this box, I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety.  Not only did we find things that E would like, but there were some snacks that both B and I found tasty.  If your child has allergies, they also have a Gluten free box!

GREAT Kids Snack Box - Happy Healthy Kid snacks

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