No Need To Shop For Snacks Again!

Discover and enjoy 20 organic & all natural snacks each month. Let us make healthy snacking convenient and fun for your family. Each month you will receive a box packed with: 

  • 20 different healthy snacks
  • Individually-wrapped snacks
  • Kid-tested tasty nutrition
  • Nutritionist-approved ingredients
  • On-the-go convenient packages
  • Nutrition for mental alertness
  • Healthy energy for physical activity
  • FREE Shipping!

Click the link to order your GREAT Kids Snack Box today! 

GREAT Kids Snack Box - 20 Organic All Natural Healthy Snacks

With the monthly delivery of a GREAT Kids Snack Box, busy parents will have a convenient way to provide their children with a healthy snack each day. Keep kids happy & healthy with the fun and excitement of being able to grab a healthy, organic and all-natural snack. Address the box with your child's name for added excitement, when their box arrives in the mail each month!

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