Powered by the Sun and Snacks

Summer is our favorite season of the year. Warm weather and long days have us outside and enjoying mother nature. We keep the family happy and fueled with organic and all natural snacks from the GREAT Kids Snack box!

We also love to stay connected and use our phones to document our outdoor adventures. We are always videoing or taking pictures of our experiences, so we have memories forever. Sometimes we film a little too much and the battery gets low, and that can be a problem when we are out hiking without a way to get a charge. However, we have now solved that problem with our new portable, SOLAR Powered charger! How awesome is this.

Not only is it powered by the sun but it is also waterproof. We never have to worry about being out of battery, and not being able to take a pic or video of the kids experiences. 

Order yours today and keep life charged.